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Sweet Baked Goods

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Indulge in Sweetness

Indulge your senses with our lineup of sweet baked goods — a delectable and extensive assortment, including bars and brownies. Made with high-quality and traditional ingredients that consumers love, taste and quality intersect to create delicious treats. You’ll be sure to find a solution to satisfy all of your customers’ needs.

  • Brownie


    All of our brownies are ultra-thick, fudgy, chewy and full of chocolate. They come in popular flavors, including Double Fudge Brownie, Naked Brownie, and Turtle Brownie, and are available cut and uncut in various sizes.

  • Brownie

    Bars & Squares

    Check out our super rich and decadent lineup of bars and squares. From a classic lemon crunch bar to rich Rocky Road bars, yummy butter tart squares and traditional Nanaimo bars, these delicious, soft and chewy bars are guaranteed to delight any discerning customer.