Employee Testimonials

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Our Values

Our values describe the expectations for behaviors that are critical to the success of our organization. Read more about what our company stands for below.
  • Integrity

    We develop trust in our people, our customers and our suppliers by being honest and respectful in everything we do, and holding ourselves and each other accountable in supporting the company values.

  • Ownership

    We empower our colleagues to take ownership in their work while being part of a strong team and collaborating for success. We encourage every employee to set challenging goals that achieve results and elevate the company.

  • Customer Focus

    We build win-win solutions through intense focus on our customers' needs. We listen carefully to fully understand their priorities and rely on industry insights to focus resources where they matter most. This is foundational to everything we do.

  • Creativity

    We generate new ideas by challenging the status quo, taking calculated risks and solving problems in innovative ways.

  • Care

    We care about our people, our food, and our community. We create and support a safe, diverse and inclusive work environment that allows individuals to grow to be their authentic selves and give back to the communities in which we serve.